Should Donated Health Dollars Go To ‘Children First’ In Poor Countries? : Goats and Soda : NPR


Last week, it was your editors at Goats and Soda who were the .

We published a story on the huge gap in health care dollars for young and old in the developing world. A study looked at the $36.4 billion allocated by development agencies and nonprofit donors and found that .

The authors of the study didn’t take a position on whether this is an appropriate allocation. But they’ve heard opinions from lots of people.

We wanted to know what our audience thinks. Is it right that children get most of the health aid in poor countries? Or should more money be spent on diseases of old age? Using our comment tool at the bottom of the story, they shared their perspective.

Over the past week, we received dozens of responses from our readers. Here’s a sampling, edited for length and clarity.

Children first

“As a mother, I would use my last dollar to pay a dentist to pull my son’s painful tooth even if it meant not being able to pay for my cancer medicine. If you have to choose between saving your mother or your daughter, with tears in your eyes and a torn heart, you choose your child. And your parent would forgive you.” -Marie




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